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Jacqueline-Creft-Charcoal-Dawing-Nimeka-Drakes-1.jpg Cynthia-Gairy-Charcoal-0.jpg

Written by Fayola Moore-Edwards Images by Nimeka Drakes Here are highlights from the work of two women in Grenada’s recent history who, as well as being dedicated mothers, contributed substantially to the development and education of our society and paved the way for women in leadership.   Cynthia Gairy Cynthia Gairy, nee Clyne, was born in […]


With the threat of Covid-19 breathing down our necks at every turn and life as we knew it uprooted with little warning, it’s hard not to feel anxious about the future and our ability to fight this invisible enemy.  It all seems so daunting but did you know that Grenada  (and the Caribbean) has been […]


Photo credit: Terel Moore Photography   William Montieth Drayton (Monty) is a cultural conservationist in Grenada who wears many hats; among them, teacher, story teller, drummer, drum maker, singer and dancer. To add to the plethora of knowledge he has gained over the years, through his own research into our history and culture, last year […]


Independence:  What does it mean to you? At church one Independence week, the preacher asked, ‘“What does Independence mean to you?” Met by silence from the reticent congregation, he implored the young people to answer the question.  One by one, some stood and spoke out what seemed to be regurgitated independence jargon learnt from their […]