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Shortknee masqueraders, dressed in colourful baggy shirts, knee-length pantaloons, mirrored tunics, head coverings and face masks, menacingly stomp through the streets, chanting catchy refrains and throwing powder into the air

Shakespeare Mas

Shakespeare Mas is a unique Carnival masquerade to Carriacou, but derives from Grenada’s speech-mas tradition and stick fighting that illustrates Carriacou’s own history and culture in this Creole synthesis. The costume is a colourful shirt/tunic emblazoned with a black heart and mirrors over a white petticoat, face mask, long cape suspending from the head onto […]

Boat Building

Photo Credit: Daishell Bethel, 2012 A not uncommon sight in Carriacou and Petite Martinique are skeletal boat frames, like the one pictured here, along beaches, under trees, or in backyards. The islands’ famed boatbuilders craft these traditional vessels for fishing and carrying people and produce between the islands. The age-old craft of boat building remains a […]