Photo credit: by John James, 2022

Dancing of the Flag and Cakes is a unique marriage ritual common to Carriacou and Petite Martinique. They precede the religious ceremony and reception when the families “meet up” in the streets to begin the joining of the couple and their families on the morning of the wedding. These two rituals are meant to demonstrate the union of marriage, but also to confirm the man as the head of the household. Its origin is unclear, but this Creole practice was created in the Grenadines, combining African dancing and European folk wedding traditions.  

People in Carriacou dancing

Photo credit: by John James, 2022

Special thanks to Gloria Roberts, Lucy Deroche, Fedeline Bethel, Dwight Logan, Niel Matherson, Ella Patrice, Clint John, Tyrone Bethel, Randolph Harrison Fleary, Alban Enoe-Stewart, who were able to share with us this valuable and unique ritual.

Randolph Harrison Fleary/ICH Practitioner

Photo Credit: Proud of my Heritage - ICH-Zone/Team No.4