OAS/GNT Sustainable Heritage Endorsement Programme

PHOTOVOICE PROMPT #3: The Things Tourists Never See

What do you see here? (Addressed to the whole group)

An old bottle

Old pond bottle with a covering

What?s on top? For pressure?

Trees, flowers, coconut trees

Why did you take this photo? (Addressed to the photographer)

When I noticed this I didn?t know that it was used for boiling rum, but it was hidden in the bushes. I think this should be displayed at the entrance of River Antoine with information.

What is really happening here? (Addressed to the whole group?alternatively what does the photograph represent?)

I?ve never seen this before either.

This is a magnificent find, it?s a nice artefact.

Maybe this made the best rum for River Antoine

Grenada needs an ?active? museum. Shirley should send it to the museum or make the area noticeable.

PHOTO Title: It?s all in the Brew

Photograph Location: River Antoine, St.?Patrick’s

Photographer: Kenisha La Pompe

Credit Line: Spicediva