Drum maker “Montieth”

Photo Credit: Teddy Frederick, Grenada Film Company

Drums are the most common musical accompaniment to many folk cultural expressions, having survived slavery despite being prohibited and outlawed. There are various types of drums, most of which are locally made by traditional drum makers, including bongo, cut(ter), jembe and congo; most are beaten with the hands, but a few with a stick. Here, master drummer Monteith “Monty” Drayton sits surrounded by his drums, putting the finishing touches on one of his drums.  

Photo credit: Proud of my Heritage - ICH-Zone/Team No.3

Other relevant drummers visited in Grenada are Nigel De Gale, Dionel De Gale, Alim De Gale, Godfrey Luke, Irwin Francis, Glenn Forsyth and Livingston Nelson.