The process of developing the 5 year strategic heritage plan commenced over 2 years ago and has seen several drafts. It is with great pleasure that the Trust can now present this plan for public consumption.

The main goals and objectives of the plan are:

The Goals

  1. To conserve to international standards the heritage assets of the nation, through professional implementation and monitoring.
  2. To maintain to international standards the heritage assets of the nation, through initiatives that encourage involvement of the people of Grenada in the beautification, upkeep and ultimate ownership of these assets.
  3. To increase visitors both internationally and locally to all heritage sites in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique by providing access to safe, enjoyable and well managed sites.
  4. To increase national awareness of the nation?s heritage assets, through dedicated marketing and PR initiatives that encourages involvement, and engages the us of all media platforms.
  5. To create a highly respected, visual and active national heritage organisation, driven by efficient, motivated, professional staff and volunteers.
  6. To develop the financial and professional capacity of the organisation to be effective custodians of Grenada?s heritage assets, including the generation of commercial income.
  7. To take the lead role in representations to both government and other parties in matters directly relating to heritage conservation and well being.
  8. To continually seek an increase in the organisation’s membership at both corporate and individual levels.

The Objectives

  • To have a minimum of 15 heritage properties or sites vested with the Trust by 2017.
  • To achieve annual direct income from tourist receipts of EC$650,000.00 by 2017.
  • To achieve an annual percentage of 10% of overall tourism revenue for heritage related income by 2017.
  • To increase direct employment within secretariat from 2 in 2013 to 5 by 2017.
  • To achieve direct site employment nationwide to 105 persons by 2017.
  • To increase site volunteer work force nationwide from 17 in 2013 to 155 by 2017.
  • To increase individual membership from 57 in 2013 to 2000 by 2017.
  • To increase corporate membership from 6 in 2013 to 50 by 2017.
  • To achieve 100% school membership by 2017.
  • To create reserve fund of EC$100,000.00 by 2017.

To download the entire document please click here

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