Essay On Cheerleading Is It A Sport

In this article we are discussing the following to support this claim. Before I started cheering, I always categorized athletes who lived only for sports as being single- minded and I valued more highly people with a more diverse of interests Included: cheerleading essay sports essay content. Updated: 11 April 2018. Rarely do people think of cheerleading as fitting into the category of a sport. The article states that most people would say that cheer or cheerleading is not a sport Get Your Custom Essay on How Cheerleading Is a Sport Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper Cheerleading is a sport because it is made up of teamwork, vigorous practices, it’s very dangerous, and it has rules and guidelines like any other sport in today’s society Unlike most sports, cheerleading isn’t a seasonal sport. Consequently, I will be considering the aspects of this physical activity that meet the requirements of the officials determining what is considered a certified sport Therefore, cheerleading is not considered a sport for equity purposes. In the following essay I will be telling you why I consider cheerleading is a sport. In other words, cheerleading is more than a sport. Cheerleaders are commonly seen on the sidelines essay on cheerleading is it a sport at football. admin / 21.06.2020 / Body Culture, Fundamentals Physical Activity, Physical Cultural Studies, Research In Sport Medicine, Research In Sport Psychology, Sociology Of Sport, Sport Management There are two reasons that people think cheerleading is not a sport: 1. I am a cheerleader and know the athletic ability one must have to be a cheerleader. Included: cheerleading essay sports essay content. In 2011, USA Cheer , the national governing body for sport cheering in the United States, launched the sport of STUNT to create new opportunities for female athletes at the collegiate and high school levels while allowing traditional cheerleading to remain a vital and important part of a school. Cheering at football games may appear unchallenging. Kindly be informed that these prices can be paid in two installments. Sports essaysDespite what the many critics believe, mainly football players and other athletes, cheerleading is a sport that requires hard work and dedication. 3 II. A. Some part of the confusion on whether cheerleading is considered a sport or not; comes from the history of cheerleading. Until the majority of the squads move competing to the forefront and cheering at games to be a secondary function, there is little hope cheerleading will be officially considered a sport Lindsie Newman Ms. It was the running joke of our senior class; we had taken on the title of Second Place Academy 📚 Cheerleading Is a Sport - essay example for free Newyorkessays - database with more than 65000 college essays for studying 】. The subject of cheerleading being a sport is a very sensitive one that has a lot of different elements and arguments that tie to it. Sideline cheerlea. It all started during a football game at Princeton University. Peeople need to start showing more support twoards this sport because eventually, it will be the biggest female sport out therel.. There is very valid evidence for both sides of the argument. Cheerleading is a year round activity, from Autumn to Spring. This athleticism combined with the teamwork involved contribute to my belief that competitive cheerleading is a sport. Cheerleading is a sport because there is a very large amount of athletic ability required in order for skills to be demonstrated. Brown Professor Urie Composition 2 7 March 2006 Cheerleading…To be or Not To be…A Sport? The only difference is that this sport combines spirit, dance, blood, sweat and cheer for its performance and may or may not be competitive Bring it On - Cheerleading vs. Most people hear the word cheerleading and think of it as just a hobby or something easy to do in your free time, but there are many things most people don 't know …show more content…. “Prepping for hours a week in search of 2 ½ minutes of pure perfection in a routine” (Bermea, 10). Today, Samantha Dubreuil, a sophomore cheerleader at East Lyme (Conn.. Cheerleading Cheerleading Cheerleading Being a cheerleader in the summer of my sophomore year gave me a new perspective about people and the stereotypes we put on them. Don’t waste time! Great tumbling skills are one aspect of competitive cheerleading that are highly athletic and should contribute to its consideration as a sport From international expansion to concerted efforts to be join the NCAA ranks, cheerleading has made notable progress in the past decade toward becoming an internationally-recognized sport Is Cheerleading a Sport?
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