OAS/GNT Sustainable Heritage Endorsement Programme


What do you see here? (Addressed to the whole group)

Oil down, the National Dish of Grenada

A pot of oil down settling down in a large pot

A pot of untouched cooked food with people nearby

Outdoors cooking

A collage of vegetables and seasoning

Vibrant colors

The good use of agricultural products

Community involvement in cooking and sharing meals

Why did you take this photo? (Addressed to the photographer)

I snapped this photograph because it reflected the Grenadian National Dish: oil down. Most, if not all, of our national social functions or local social events will warrant those involved to ?cook up ah oil down.? In other words, cooking up ah oil down is how our communities come together. In terms of economics, oil down is served in restaurants that cater to both tourists and Grenadians.

What is really happening here? (Addressed to the whole group?alternatively what does the photograph represent?)

A pot of untouched oil down just sitting there seems to imply that the Grenadian people are not hungry. But what are they not hungry for?

In regards to the Grenadian expression: ?food for so?, the pot of food also symbolizes abundance (that is seen in the variety of vegetables, seasoning, and coconut milk that bring excitement to the taste buds of anyone who dares to enjoy a plate of oil down). As well as the pot of oil down is associated with communal living, where everyone makes a contribution.

In regards to economics and sustainability, the oil down photo promotes the ideas of creativity and innovation (of fire and stones?an old tradition?being used in the postmodern world?as a means of cooking).

Photo Title: Oil Down

Photograph Location: Bathway Beach, St. Patrick?s, Grenada, W. I.

Photographer: Horace George