OAS/GNT Sustainable Heritage Endorsement Programme

PHOTOVOICE PROMPT #3: The Things Tourists Never See

What do you see here? (Addressed to the whole group)

Hardworking man, honest day work for honest day pay, goggles, keeping body away from saw, tourists don?t see things being built, they just see end product.

Why did you take this photo? (Addressed to the photographer)

We were at church doing some work. Tourists don?t look for these things. They may see someone working but they don?t see the person, they look at the scenery.

What is really happening here? (Addressed to the whole group?alternatively what does the photograph represent?)

Little appreciation or interest that the outside world has for daily life

Tourists see beautiful building and admire but are not interested in who or why?

No one asked ?well who are the men that did that?

Tourists are not interested in hard labour, the stories and people behind it.

PHOTO Title: Hard Labour

Photograph Location: Beausejour, St. George’s

Photographer: Nola Wellington