OAS/GNT Sustainable Heritage Endorsement Programme

PHOTOVOICE PROMPT #3: The Things Tourists Never See

What do you see here? (Addressed to the whole group)

tradition, crab hunting, we all have walked barefoot going crab hunting or to find mango.

Why did you take this photo? (Addressed to the photographer)

People only see people selling crab but don?t know how they hold (catch) the crab. The little boy has his net. He wasn?t to make a living, well make a little change to go church fair or something.

What is really happening here? (Addressed to the whole group?alternatively what does the photograph represent?)

first thing in the morning or last thing at night you go to catch crab

tourists would only see this if they happen to know someone who does it

but somethings they will never see, and that is ok too

people come for different reasons

typical local country boy life

poor people living

children find things like this to sell around school harvest time, or carnival or Christmas, whenever they want a little money to buy things.

PHOTO Title:?Crab Hunting

Photograph Location: Beausejour, St. George’s

Photographer: Iroy Andrew