OAS/GNT Sustainable Heritage Endorsement Programme

PHOTOVOICE PROMPT #3: The Things Tourists Never See

What do you see here? (Addressed to the whole group)

A concrete structure

A wall made of bricks and stones.

An oven ? manmade, hard work to build it.

An oven that uses heat, not fire, to bake bread

A long-ago oven, strong, making sweetest breads and cakes.

Why did you take this photo? (Addressed to the photographer)

People never really see this, they may ask what it is. If we use this it is truer ? nearer to what we really do.

What is really happening here? (Addressed to the whole group?alternatively what does the photograph represent?)

This is a cheaper oven to use. It?s ever-lasting and there?s no need to buy an oven in the shop.

Younger people in Grenada also never see this, we need to return to the foundation.

PHOTO Title: Back in Time Oven

Photograph Location: Upper St. John?s, St. Andrew

Photographer: Lasson Mitchell

Credit Line: Son