The Grenada National Trust

On April 12th, 1967, an act of Parliament empowered the Grenada National Trust…

?to protect Grenada?s cultural, architectural and natural heritage, to ?preserve chattels of prehistoric, historic or artistic interest and the establishment of museums?.

this mandate was clearly prescribed by the following clauses taken from Ordinance 20 of 1967, which are as follows:

  1. The listing of buildings and monuments of prehistoric, historic and architectural interest an places of natural beauty with their animal or plant life;
  2. The compilation of photographic and architectural record of the above;
  3. The preservation of chattels of prehistoric, historic or artistic interest and the establishment of museums;
  4. Making the public aware of the value and beauty of the territory?s heritage as set out above;
  5. The pursuance of a policy of preservation and acting in an advisory capacity;
  6. The acquiring of property for the benefit of the Territory;
  7. The promoting and preserving for the benefit and enjoyment of the Territory of submarine areas of beauty or natural or historic interest and for the preservation (as far as possible) for their natural aspect, features and animal, plant and marine life;
  8. The attracting of funds by means of subscriptions, donations, bequests and grants.

Executive Council

Investment and Financing

Currently the GNT receive a notional EC$10,000.00 annual subvention channeled through the Ministry of Education. To date, all other revenue comes via private or corporate donations, national lottery contributions and low level project specific funding from identified funding bodies.

The vast majority of the organisation?s output is project specific. For this reason, dedicated and specific attention will be paid to the identification and procedural fulfilment of funding requirements demanded by various international agencies. Appropriate expertise will be sought to take the organisation through the funding process.

The GNT will also seek to increase revenues through an increase in membership, both individually and corporately. There will be a series of national campaigns that will encourage the attraction of sponsorship and other private sector partnerships.

The Vision

The focus of the organisation?s vision statement is firmly set in what it delivers to all stakeholders and beneficiaries. It was agreed the statement should be easily understood and give clarity to the purpose of the organisation. The Vision Statement reads as follows:

?To preserve, protect, and promote Grenada?s heritage?

This Vision Statement appropriately captures the purpose of the organisation (Heritage) as well as defining the organisations relationship to that purpose (to preserve, protect and promote).

The Mission

To fulfil the organisation?s purpose, the following Mission Statement has been adopted by the Council to prioritise activities in relation to what the organisation will do, why it will be doing it and who the organisation intends to serve. The Mission Statement is as follows:

“Through professional collaboration, fund raising, education, advocacy,?public and private sector partnerships and nationwide community?involvement we will identify, conserve and promote Grenada’s heritage?assets for the continual enjoyment of our citizens and visitors.”

The Goals

  1. To conserve to international standards the heritage assets of the nation, through professional implementation and monitoring.
  2. To maintain to international standards the heritage assets of the nation, through initiatives that encourage involvement of the people of Grenada in the beautification, upkeep and ultimate ownership of these assets.
  3. To increase visitors both internationally and locally to all heritage sites in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique by providing access to safe, enjoyable and well managed sites.
  4. To increase national awareness of the nation?s heritage assets, through dedicated marketing and PR initiatives that encourages involvement, and engages the us of all media platforms.
  5. To create a highly respected, visual and active national heritage organisation, driven by efficient, motivated, professional staff and volunteers.
  6. To develop the financial and professional capacity of the organisation to be effective custodians of Grenada?s heritage assets, including the generation of commercial income.
  7. To take the lead role in representations to both government and other parties in matters directly relating to heritage conservation and well being.
  8. To continually seek an increase in the organisation’s membership at both corporate and individual levels.